Eat my Shorts

Tekstfragmenter til skrivebordsskuffen

I have been following the non-shopper movement that has gone viral for a while and it is time to give myself the challenge as my life is going to change too.

So from the 1st. of February 2013 to the 1st. of August 2013 (I know I am a chicken, but if I am good at this I will adjust my challenge the 1st. of August 2013 and prologue it to the 1st. of February 2014)

1. Cannot buy any new clothes except for underwear, stockings, socks and only the last 3 things if they are really needed.
2. Has to try to use every item in my closet at least once – items I have not used, I need to put aside for the purpose of donation or swap
3. Cannot buy any cosmetics except for shampoo, toothpaste, creme and other basic hygienic product
4. Has to try to substitute as many basic cosmetic products with home made products
5. Cannot buy any jewelery, perfume and accessories as bags, purses, gloves etc.

I am allowed to:

1. Alter clothes or sew new clothes of existing fabrics
2. Knit or crochet things myself
3. Buy items for gifts for others
4. Swap, exchange and borrow
5. Receive gifts



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