Eat my Shorts

Tekstfragmenter til skrivebordsskuffen

No matter how strange this must seem to you, I have now in the age of 36 an urgent wish for seeking my birth family. I don’t know why it came to me in this age, but I guess life had to mature me, before I found the nerve to seek for you.

What do I hope for? Well, basically a knowledge of whom I stem from. A knowledge of why I ended up in this country called Denmark and what kind of roots, I have passed on to my children. Yes birthmother or father, there are children and they are the indirect reason for me writing this letter. Having a father that gives them history and ancestors – I myself is a white piece of paper, hoping you might be one of the first to write the signs of my origin upon it.

To have a family history is one of the few heritages most children are given by birth. A gift you pass on to your children and to me too – I cannot hold that treasure in my hand. Problem is, I do not recall it, I do not know how to tell it. Therefore I need your help birthmother or father – your help to find my heritage, so I can pass it on to my children.

What have you already given me? Besides from life, I can tell you I have developed into being a rather small woman with a feisty will and a good brain. I finished two master degrees in 1998. One in Media studies from New York, USA and one in Literature from University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Being skilled, I have worked within communications ever since, and started several independent projects. It is still a struggle to find my focus on the working part, but very rewarding.

Having said this, my life included a lost marriage to the children’s father. We divorced in year 2000, but I am now living together with another man, whom I love and is very sweet to the children and have a daughter of his own.

The children yes – I have a daughter, Elisabeth born in 1992. She is tall, slim, smart and beautiful. You can be very proud of her. She will grow into a very special and very bright person with her sweet nature and delicate look. My son, Samuel is a funny, strong headed boy born 1999 with significant ears. He has a great sense of humour, is a dazzling handsome young boy with a temper and will of his own. He has potential to become either very stubborn or very individualistic. Likely, he will grow into both, I guess.

They are until now my heritage. They are, even though they are much younger than me, all I have in my life indicating, I have a family, and that I too look like somebody and are born of some bodies loins. But it is not fair to put such a responsibility upon my own children. Therefore I have taken faith into my own hands and wandered out in the world to search for you.

Where are you now? I do not know. I don’t even know if you want to remember me. All I know is that I’m standing here with my two short legs solid planted on the ground . I’m happy and alive – but I do miss you.

If you don’t want to meet, if I never ever find you, please hear my voice saying: thank you for life – but you are missed.

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